In defense of leisure

Why unstructured play is critical to your mental health In our work-obsessed, hustle-based society, leisure is often frowned upon. [...]

The Importance of Stillness

Exploring an underutilized mindfulness discipline Stillness may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think [...]

  • Focus your mind

The Five Pillars of Focus

Improve your concentration with these practices It happens to everyone. You’ve sat down, ready and motivated to finish a [...]

Holding Yourself in High Esteem

Holding yourself in high esteem and continually turning towards self-compassion is one of the powerful elements of manifestation work [...]

Manifesting with the Moon

Everything in life comes in cycles – seasons, tides, and life/death. Your growth likely comes in peaks and waves [...]

Welcoming in the New Year

Saying Goodbye to 2021 and Welcoming the New Year Finding closure and setting intentions Written by Margaret Reeb ____ [...]


Written by: Tiffany Mai Preparing for the holidays is about your mindset, mindful practices and enjoying yourself 🎄⁠ ⁠ [...]


Written by: Tiffany Mai As humans we seek connection with others and when to connect That feels safe, mindful and [...]


Written by: Tiffany Mai Where do you practice being your highest self? While this practice is not limited to [...]

The importance of self-care

Self-care. Treat yourself. Me time. These concepts have been around for a long time but have skyrocketed in popularity [...]

Uncertainty: Friend and Foe

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, Infinite Possibilities open up in your life.” — Eckhart Tolle I’m hoping you, [...]

How to identify roadblocks

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction.” – Gabby Bernstein Roadblocks—challenges that prevent forward progress at work or in [...]

Creativity Blocked?

Have you been working on a project for hours, days, maybe even weeks and not made progress? Many of [...]

5 quick mindfulness exercises

We’re all extra busy these days. Work projects and school assignments pile up. Getting food on the dinner table [...]

Defeating the Sunday scaries

It’s Sunday evening and the sun is dipping below the horizon. You’ve finished dinner and are lounging on the [...]

Breaking Free From Perfectionism

Perfectionism, at its root, is about two things: control and value. Insisting on doing everything perfectly is unrealistic but [...]

The Dangers of Perfectionism

If you’ve worked in a corporate environment, you’ve no doubt encountered perfectionism. Maybe a manager edited every inch of [...]

How to detect and prevent Burnout

Burnout—constant stress that leads to uncomfortable mental and physical symptoms—is real. It creeps into your life, making you detached [...]

The importance of community care

“Shouting ‘self-care’ at people who actually need community care is how we fail people.”- Nakita Valerio Unless you’ve [...]

  • How to use affirmations at work

How to use affirmations at work

Many people have dabbled with affirmations—positive statements designed to challenge negative feelings. While saying something positive to yourself in [...]

What is judgment?

Ah, judgment. A thorny and uncomfortable topic for many. By definition, judgment means assessing data and coming to a [...]

How to cultivate resiliency

COVID-19-related challenges are not going away any time soon, and even as states begin to relax stay-at-home orders, the [...]

How to calm a wandering mind

If you’ve just started meditating, you might have run into a completely normal, sometimes frustrating phenomenon—the wandering mind. Just [...]

Six common types of meditation

A wonderful yet intimidating thing about meditation is the many different ways you can practice. In fact, techniques often [...]

  • Mindfulness for virtual meetings

Mindfulness for virtual meetings

“Are you there?” “You’re breaking up.” “Sorry, who’s speaking?” Virtual meetings can get awkward fast. With the corporate workforce [...]

Meditation is Easy!

If meditation helps us to live our life more calmly, think about its opposite. Imagine that you're late for [...]

Meditation for working at home

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, many companies have instructed employees to work from home for the coming weeks. [...]

Meditation 101: Just breathe

What do ancient monks, samurai warriors, tech CEOS, and pop stars all have in common? Meditation.  Just stroll through [...]

Welcome to the Be Blog

Welcome to the Be Blog. Take a pause with us. It’s a whole new world out there. Technology is [...]