This is a strange time. 

Much has been written about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it will change our world. And mental health has come to the forefront of the international conversation. While it’s unfortunate that it took a global pandemic to bring this much awareness to mental health, we’re glad more people are talking about it.  

There are countless articles with tips and tricks about how to take care of yourself during this crisis, and a deluge of applications and books to consult, but sometimes you just want to hear how and why real people are tending to their mind and spirit. That’s why we’ve talked with the women of Be Meditation about how and why they care for their mental health. Read on for their thoughts. 

  • “Take the time to reflect on who you are as a person and how you’re connected with others and the world. When you do, you’ll discover all you have to contribute – all the ways, big and small, you can add to the world.” – Joanne McEachen, Meditation and Corporate Program Facilitator
  • “Every morning, I wake up before everyone else and go for a 5 mile walk alone. I have found that this is crucial for my sanity on a normal day, but even more so now with our current events. I thrive and recharge on alone time. I have to make it happen. Fresh air, quiet, coffee (latte stop is clearly a must. Ha!)” – Britnie O’Farrell, MindBody Online specialist 
  • “My meditation practice gives me unbelievable resilience and peace. It’s never a question of not having time for meditation, because I would not have time for many other things in my life without a regular meditation practice.”  – Catalina Danila, Director of Operations
  • “What the pandemic has taught me is a deeper understanding and acceptance of what is and to be present with everything. Meditation is the tool to allow the space to be with and reflect on my new emerging reality.” – Katie Swartz, Founder 

Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your best tips for tending to your metal health.