Katie here…

Welcome to Be.

Be is a state of Be-ing. When we find the space to Be, we can connect to our inner wisdom, innate sense of I am enough and true felt experience of “all is well”. The idea is to cultivate this place so that we live it every moment of our lives – that is Be. 

The inspiration for Be was found in various places, experiences, and teachers over 20 years of practice. I have been extremely blessed to witness, firsthand, the transformational impact of meditation on my clients and have personally experienced the freedom and confidence that emerges through practice. 

The beauty of meditation to me is that the simplicity and practical benefits are there, along with the opportunity to tune into something bigger than self – guiding us to inspiration and purpose. 

I found that meditation was the tool I used with everyone – no matter where they came from, whatever the issue present, meditation provided the state of Be-ing that allowed for a solution to emerge.

It worked for personal difficulties, troubles in relationships, and work-related experiences. Learning to tune out and tune in was/is the answer to most things.

Originally, Be was set to open its studio doors in 2020. Covid had other ideas and we have created a global studio of amazing teachers, who bring unique gifts and perspectives to our community.

We are a community that practices what we preach. We are open, humble, and I hope, of service in some way to global awakening, to peace, to equality, and to Be.

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