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We harness the power of meditation to help leaders, teams, and organizations open new channels of creativity and innovation.

For a better life. For a better workplace. For a better world.

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It’s time to reimagine corporate culture.

In high-stress, competitive work environments, the ever-increasing demands of fast-paced change leave our leaders and teams overburdened, exhausted, frustrated, and detached.

Meditation and mindfulness practices offer a better way.

Decreased Stress

Greater self-awareness

Better interpersonal dynamics

Better memory & focus

Less emotional reactivity

Improved health & well-being

Our programs teach organizations how to create the space to innovate by leading with empathy and cultivating human-centered work environments that maximize team effectiveness and satisfaction.

In a rapidly changing world, the opportunities are boundless.
We must slow down to keep up.

Be Here Now

Meditation has been clinically shown to help people multitask better, retain more information, and feel more positive and present at work.

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Over 20 million Americans have turned to meditation to combat rising stress levels, and employers are increasingly offering mindfulness training as part of their corporate wellness programs. But, a recent study found that most corporate wellness programs target the individual and overlook a vital factor in employees’ health, well-being, and productivity: workplace culture

We’re different.

Following the science, BE Meditation knows that shared, meditative practice can open up new possibilities for leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve more—and be happier. 

  • Learn new ways of seeing ourselves
  • Lead with creativity, connection, compassion
  • Cultivate new ways of relating to one another
  • Foster work environments that are more natural, more connected, and more effective

And because our programs address holistic well-being, the benefits extend into every facet of our lives.

 With openness and curiosity, we pave the way for change.

Explore the Power of the Collective Pause

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