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Are you responsible for creating more substance for your company, teams, and employees? Want less people to call in sick? More teams to work better together?

Ongoing or one-time led meditations ∙ Tailored classes for breathing, mindfulness, and more ∙ 30-minute coaching & practice sessions ∙ Learn how to practice at home

Get started—in 4 simple steps

  1. Let’s talk, to learn what’s going on
  2. Identify your needs & goals
  3. Design your program(s)
  4. Your people more focused, creative, happier, and productive


Mindfulness for cultural change

We can’t continue business as usual. Imagine working together to reinvent company culture to suit changing times. Create a more satisfied and innovative workforce.


Meditate with others from the
comfort of your own home

Quiet your mind

Practice meditation to experience more calm when things feel out of sorts. Be centered in life—to feel less anxious about life. And, more focused and productive.

Increase confidence

With a quiet mind, move more confidently with all there is to do and manage in work and life. Replace worry and concern with—“I got this.”

Kiss burnout goodbye

Work is demanding. Bosses are commanding. Technology is evolving. Use meditation as your time to cool down & fuel up for the rest of the day—with peace, clarity, and purpose.

Companies we’ve worked with

Caliber Home Loans     Microsoft Lumedic Intellectual-Ventures      Weiss Memorial Hospital      Omnidian      Samsung         AT&T     Columbia Bank     NeighborWorks America logo

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