We’re all extra busy these days. Work projects and school assignments pile up. Getting food on the dinner table and paying bills feel like Olympic feats. And once you feel like you’ve gotten things under control, something else pops up.

Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to stop and breathe.

You don’t need to spend hours meditating to reap the benefits, and frankly, there are weeks—even months—when we don’t have time to devote to a daily practice.

Never fear, the team at Be has compiled five quick, yet powerful, exercises for when you are pressed for time. Bookmark this page as a resource for finding your zen when things get crazy.

  1. Breathe for one minute. Set a timer for one minute. (You can spare it, we promise.) Close your eyes and breathe. Feel the air move through your lungs. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your neck. For this minute, all you have to do is breathe.
  2. Shake out your face. This one sounds silly but we promise you’ll like it. Find a place where you can be alone, maybe shut off your computer or duck into the bathroom. Relax the muscles in your face and shake your head no. You should feel your lips and cheeks move. Do this for a few seconds then take a long breath. Repeat as needed and throw in some arm and neck stretches, too.
  3. Notice three things. Stop what you are doing and notice three things about your environment. Maybe there is a pretty tree through the window, or perhaps you can hear your kids through the walls. Maybe you made a steaming cup of tea or the wall clock is ticking. Take a few minutes to really observe and appreciate your environment, bringing yourself into the present moment.
  4. Name that feeling. If you are experiencing negative emotions, pause and name the feeling. You can write it or say it, but by bringing the emotion into the light, you take away some of it’s power. After you’ve recognized the emotion, remind yourself that feelings are just that—feelings. They are temporary and changing.
  5. Rock out. Turn off your computer and phone. Find a calming song or a motivational anthem and turn it up. Let the music wash over you, and don’t be afraid to nod your head or tap your toes. For the length of the song, let yourself think of nothing but the lyrics and notes.

We hope you enjoy these quick exercises. Feel free to modify them and make them your own.

Got 30 minutes? Take a group meditation class and learn new tips and trick for integrating meditation in your day-to-day.