Written by: Tiffany Mai

As humans we seek connection with others and when to connect That feels safe, mindful and caring we are able to access a unique kind of gratitude for the connection and the other person themselves.⁠

This genuine appreciation for another and the relationship is shared That can provide us with a need to tap into a space in which we extend well-wishes to the other person to express our gratitude. ⁠

This can look like a loving-kindness meditation where you might acknowledge gratitude and blessings silently to yourself.⁠

This may look like an expression of letting the other person know how they contribute to your life aloud to them.⁠

Maybe despite your true gratitude for another, it feels challenging to express your feelings and well-wishes to the other person. Perhaps you struggle to identify what it is these connections add to your life and cannot find the words.⁠

Loving kindness meditation practices can help work through this difficulty by accessing your subconscious mindfulness and your compassion. ⁠

When we seek to connect gratefully with others, we choosing how we are participating in all of our relationships. Honoring the connections that enrich our lives every day 💛⁠

Metta meditations provide meaningful ways to wish others well. Consider how you feel after you’ve been able to thank someone for providing you something you needed 🙏🏼 ⁠
What impact could it have if you brought that appreciation continuously to the forefront of your closest relationships? ✨⁠

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