Forty-two years ago. That’s when Tom Gigliotti, a new teacher for Be Meditation, started his meditation practice. He’s joining the virtual studio to help students find truth, love, and harmony in their daily lives.

Be Meditation offers a variety of classes throughout the day so you can take a break—or several—when it’s best for you. Click here for the studio schedule and read on for more about Tom.

1- Tell us a bit about you.

My name is Tom Gigliotti, and I am from Lyndhurst, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland. I am most proud of my long-term sobriety and commitment to helping others find their sobriety/peace of mind— that open people up to the power and love of the divine dwelling in the world.

When I am not meditating, I like to play guitar, take long walks and bike rides, and enjoy nature with my wife of 33 years, Sharon.

2- If you had a magic wand, how would you change the world?

I would raise the consciousness on the planet to vibrate truth, love, harmony, and wisdom that celebrates our oneness with all the exists.

3- Why did you start meditating/practicing mindfulness and what keeps you returning to your practice?

I started meditation when I was in my college seminary 42 years ago. What keeps me coming back is the desire to be in oneness with all creatures.  I have found meditation keeps me grounded and centered on the right action as well as love.
4- How does meditation affect your sense of belonging, community, and connection?

It has helped me connect with so many people all over the world in a prayerful, loving way.

5- What are your hopes for Be Meditation?

My hope for Be Meditation is that the energy we create leads to healing for our planet. I also hope Be Meditation becomes a great resource for our communities and corporate culture, enabling greater wellness for workers.