Welcome to the Be Blog. Take a pause with us.

It’s a whole new world out there. Technology is changing and creating change at break-neck speed. Between the internet, mobile devices, and apps, we can expand our networks more than ever before and remain constantly plugged in. No doubt this new world has its advantages. You can keep up with loved ones no matter the distance. You can take conference calls on the way to your kids’ softball game. You can even get a mid-day boost of cuteness from dog pictures on Instagram.

But in our fast-paced reality, our connections have also become less deep and meaningful, creating anxiety and detachment in various aspects of our lives. And I’m personally very aware of how our new reality has impacted workplaces.

I spent 17 years in a high-paced corporate career, and while I am incredibly grateful for that time, I also spent much of it feeling unfulfilled. After years of searching my soul and listening to the universe, I decided to take a (scary) leap of faith and answer the call to help others through coaching and counseling. As my practice grew, I found successful, bright people coming to me for help, and many of them struggled with the same challenges—deepening their connections, navigating competitive environments, becoming less reactive, and being present.

That’s why I founded Be Meditation, to help people and organizations navigating the modern world use traditional meditation practices to unlock potential and feel more connected. And I’ve started this blog to foster a sense of community and create a conversation about using meditation to reduce anxiety and be more present.

We’ll update this space regularly with posts about cultivating a personal practice, remaining mindful and centered in the workplace, and interviews with other practitioners and leaders in the space.

Check out our first blog post on kicking off your meditation practice and thank you for reading. We hope to see you back again soon.