1. Tell us a bit about you – your name, where you are from, what are you most proud of, what is your superpower, and what you like to do when you’re not meditating.My name is Sabah Tahilramani. I am from India. I am most proud of who I am today and how far I’ve come in my own journey. My super powers are my ability to connect and relate to people from various backgrounds and different walks of life. My super powers also include anticipating people’s needs, empathy, intuitiveness, my powers of deduction and the ability to embody contrasting qualities, epitomizing them from a place of genuineness. When I am not meditating, I like being outdoors in nature, practicing Yoga, art, listening to music, cooking and furthering my knowledge on various subjects that intrigue me. I love learning.
  2. If you had a magic wand, how would you change the world?I would change the world by:
    • Showing children the tools for mastering the mind-body-spirit connection through yoga, yogic sciences, mindfulness & meditation.
    • Teaching them how to deal with their emotions and, in turn, using them as a catalyst for growth.
    • Show children how to live in harmony with nature and the natural laws of the universe.
  3. Why did you start meditating/practicing mindfulness and what keeps you returning to your practice?I started active meditation 6 years ago, however, it is only recently I realized that I was often in a meditative state and doing it unconsciously for many years.What keeps me coming back is seeing how much more grace and ease flows into my life, as a result of my practice. Meditation has helped me live in the present moment, taught me how to play & create, using my innate gifts, which I have probably mastered over many lifetimes. It also reminds me not to take myself or life too seriously. It has helped me realize that we are all here to have a human experience, so to accept and embrace all our human-ness & perceived imperfections instead of just chasing the pinnacle of spiritual development. Meditation has also helped bring forth the perfect union of my individualized soul with infinite spirit.
  4. How does meditation affect your sense of belonging, community and connection?Meditation brings about a state of oneness through the exchange of conscious energy with the unified field. It changes our previous understanding of “belonging” because how can a person not belong, when they are part of “the all”. There is only connection, because there is no separation. Community, then, becomes a place to belong and a space to give back to.
  5. What are your hopes for Be Meditation?That it makes meditation widely accessible and easy to the most skeptical of us and helps those seeking find a connection to source energy within.