Are you feeling out of balance?

With the pandemic, we are all navigating a new environment. The order we were used to is no longer there. This can be confusing because what we used to rely on is gone, and we are in the midst of the unknown.

Feeling off-balance is an underlying theme all my clients are experiencing. However, some are dealing with it in a more productive way than others. What are they doing differently? In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, our center is where we find stability, peace, and hope. My clients who are doing well are connecting to their center to find stability rather than looking for it in the outer world. They are practiced at tapping into their center to find peace. They know where to look for that quiet voice of reason that will provide guidance to any problem. That quiet voice that KNOWS there is hope and how to share that hope.

Why does being centered help people navigate uncertainty in a more productive way?

Getting centered dramatically changes the information you have access to. It changes your tone, your perspective, and your attitude. And no one in the room needs to know you are doing it.

Your center is a place in you that is comfortable with not knowing. It has faith, the experience of being in the moment, and knows there is a flow that provides the pathway through uncomfortable situations. Uncertainty from this perspective is no longer a problem, it is a fact of life. When you can shed the burden of fear or discomfort in uncertainty, you are free and open to finding solutions!

What does being centered feel like?

I know what being centered feels like to me. I’ve guided hundreds of people to their center, thousands of times. I can feel them shift. They feel it. Some common descriptions of being centered I’ve heard over and over are:

  • There is a feeling of peace. I feel calmer.
  • There is a sense of knowing. Knowing is a calm certainty with neutral emotion. It just is.
  • Whatever was causing stress, from this place, doesn’t matter so much anymore.
  • There is a feeling of endless possibility.
  • Any previous tension almost melts away.
  • The path forward is sensed. There may not be all the details, but there is a feeling that there is a next step, and the next step leads somewhere.

How do you access your quiet voice of peace and hope?

There are many different methods of getting centered. In my Be Centered session on Wednesdays at 12:15pm PT, I guide you through several different techniques you can implement at home or in the office. No special clothing, no special equipment. It only takes a few minutes.

I hope to see you in class soon.