Holding yourself in high esteem and continually turning towards self-compassion is one of the powerful elements of manifestation work that cannot go neglected. ⁠

Focusing on your gifts and strengths, not your challenges is important to the positive environment that we are creating along the path to our desires. ⁠

Being in your whole self and acknowledging who we are and what we are seeking to heal and obtain is a pure intention. ⁠

When we are kind and accepting of ourselves, we release tension that our daily interactions may automatically create within our bodies. This can bring a peace flow to your journey.⁠

So ask yourself what brings you joy? What do you find yourself doing with ease? Consider how you can bring more of this energy into your life. ⁠

From this flow of life, manifestation follows. Choose what areas of life you bring flow to…whether this is your personal life, your relationships or your career practice. Create your self-focused, peaceful flow💛