Have you been working on a project for hours, days, maybe even weeks and not made progress?

Many of us are working from home, eating at home, and socializing from home. We are in the same environment for most of our activities. And with the same people! We aren’t getting the level of stimulation from changing environments or business/social interactions. The outside world might feel chaotic, but the day to day feels stagnant.

How do we spark creativity in this current environment? Find the present moment and get curious! Use your imagination!

To find your creativity amid stasis, lean into the present moment. There is no place as creative as this moment–it’s fresh and new. You haven’t been in this moment before right now. Pause, and BE curious.

Look at where you are stuck, but this time, look at it as if you have never seen it before. Because, guess what? You haven’t! You haven’t been in this moment before and neither has the part of you that is stuck. Take a deep breath and imagine an opening for the creativity of this moment to come in. What shows up? Notice subtleties. Examine the details you’ve seen over and over, but this time look with curiosity! Perhaps even describe what you see out loud to yourself. What do you hear? Listen as if you are hearing a secret.

Still feeling stuck? Use your imagination. Get up out of your chair and walk around. If you can, walk out of the room. Take a break and actively think of something else. Think about and even envision something you really enjoy. Play with that thought for a while. Use your imagination to feel that sense of joy. Imagine each cell in your body filling up with joy. Smile! Embody that feeling and absorb the joy. Add some fun music if you’d like. What’s your creative theme song, in this moment, for this project? Now from this feeling of joy, walk back into the room, sit in the chair, and with a smile on your face, approach the project from a quality of joy.

Find your creativity through joy in the moment! Get curious and be playful! Join me on Wednesdays at 12:15pm PT for Be Centered and let’s get curious about using creativity to get unstuck.