The Be Meditation Virtual Studio opened this week, and we are excited to share an interview with talented teacher, Graham Norris, who focuses on developing healthier attitudes about the future.

The Be Meditation Virtual Studio is designed for busy professionals. There are a variety of classes throughout the day and many short-format sits.  You can learn more about the studio and browse classes here.

Read on for more about Graham and be sure to check out his upcoming classes.

Graham Norris

  • Tell us a bit about you.
    My name is Graham Norris and I’m from Chichester, on the south coast of England, although I also lived for more than 20 years in various other places, including Pennsylvania, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and China. Perhaps the thing I’m most proud of is helping my mother overcome a period of acute anxiety. It was a very difficult time for her – she ended up in hospital for a while – but we found a way using the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to chart a path to recovery. It was this episode that stoked my interest in psychology, which I have pursued through a doctorate looking at change, adaptability, and mindfulness in Chinese knowledge workers. I focus my company’s efforts on encouraging a healthier attitude toward the future with the aim of making better decisions that we feel better about. In what little spare time I have, I enjoy drawing cartoons.
  • If you had a magic wand, how would you change the world?
    I would make futures studies a school subject.
  • Why did you start meditating/practicing mindfulness and what keeps you returning to your practice?
    China is a pretty intense place to live, so I was receptive to some articles I was reading several years ago about the ability of meditation to quieten the noise. I was curious in particular how it could impact thinking. I have found it useful to gain perspective, especially for my doctoral study.
  • How does meditation affect your sense of belonging, community, and connection?
    I have a wife from another culture and a young daughter from another planet. Meditation helps me be patient and understanding of the differences between us.
  • What is your hope for Be Meditation?
    Focusing attention is central to the ability to cut through the noise and improve awareness of future possibilities, which is what decision-making is all about. Be Meditation can be a catalyst for clearer thinking.