We’re excited to share an interview with MaryBeth Murphy, a teacher at the Be Meditation Virtual Studio. The studio opened this week and offers a variety of times and formats for busy professionals. 

If you want to be a part of a mindful community and increase your feelings of peace and calm in these uncertain times, learn more about the studio and class offerings here.

Read on the learn more about MaryBeth. 

MaryBeth Murphy

  • Tell us a bit about you.
    I’m MaryBeth Murphy and I live in Salem, New Hampshire. I am most proud of my role as a mom to four grown children. My superpower is that I broke free from mommy wine culture and am thriving beyond my wildest dreams. Meditation was the bedrock of my healing journey. Now my time is spent helping other women do the same. I practice and teach yoga, meditation, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, Crystal Healing, and aromatouch therapy with DoTerra essential oils. I believe in holistic methods of healing while keeping my recovery patchwork dynamic and fresh. 
  • If you had a magic wand, how would you change the world?
    Open people’s hearts and minds to the wonderful benefits of getting still. 
  • Why did you start meditating/practicing mindfulness and what keeps you returning to your practice?
    I was brought to meditation as a tool to help manage my emotions and feelings when I removed the numbing agent of alcohol. When I stopped drinking my nervous system was on overdrive. All the emotions and feelings I had numbed came flooding up at me. The meditation was recommended in a book I was reading and I fell in love with the practice. Meditation is the practice that has allowed me to find deep inner connection to myself and my source. It’s the relationship that I was neglecting all of those years of drinking. I’m happier and more centered now than in my younger years. I’m embracing the aging process and how life is unfolding. 
  • How does meditation affect your sense of belonging, community and connection?
    I have met some wonderful individuals through this practice. The language of meditators brings instant connection and belonging. We are all one and this I found through getting still. I also love how this community helps each other grow and expand. I don’t find competitiveness in this community. I see love and people helping each other. 
  • What is your hope for Be Meditation?
    I hope that it grows and expands. The message and vision of Katie and Catalina is a beautiful thing. I believe their creation will help many.