The COVID-19 crisis has us all in knots, and it’s critical to take care of your mental health during this time.

Be Meditation offers multiple online meditation options to help you honor your home and carve out time for yourself during this pandemic.

Lunch meditations

For those working at home, it can be difficult to create and maintain boundaries so you feel like you have a personal life, adding to already high levels of anxiety. Be Meditation is now offering virtual meditation in the middle of the day to encourage you to take a lunch break and a breath. Sessions will kick off next week at take place every Monday and Wednesday at 11:30 am PT. We are meeting for an hour—feel free to stay the whole length or the amount of time you can spare.

Learn more and sign up here.

Morning meditations + testimonials

We are already offering virtual meditations at 7 am PT on Tuesday and Thursday each week. These morning sessions providing grounding and a sense of calm before you begin your day. For those working from home, the sessions can serve as a way to honor yourself before you begin work. Learn more and sign up here

But don’t take it from us. Read on to hear what participants have said about the morning meditations.

  • “Meditations with Katie have been a lifesaver in this time of uncertainty. The community is uplifting, and Katie’s guidance puts me in the right mindset for the rest of my day and even throughout the week. I love being able to connect with others via the Zoom option!”
  • “I don’t know how I could honor the “Stay Home Stay Healthy” mandate without my Tuesday and Thursday meditative check-ins with Be Meditation.  I love being outside and in our neighborhood community – this social isolation would have been unbearable.  With Be, I have a community of friends (or soon to be friends) coming together with a common goal; mindfulness, health, and well-being. I look forward to my time looking inward, and love the community share afterward.  It makes me feel part of something bigger, even though I haven’t left the house in days!”
  • “Katie’s morning meditations provide me a centering anchor twice a week. The opportunity to join others and sit in peace during these unusual days is soul saving. The world is carrying a troubling load, while the meditations allow an opening to unburden.  I am truly grateful for Katie and the BE meditations.”
  • “Learning to meditate has proven to be some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent. Meditation has offered and expanded transformational elements in my life: my relationships, the way I live, how I see the world. It aids in my ability to de-stress, remain calm, prioritize, and focus.  Katie is amazing, compassionate, and supportive in offering her gift to guide you through each meditation with her in person or virtually.  Joining her and engaging in this practice makes me feel positive, connected and peaceful.”

How are you remaining rooted during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love if you joined us.