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“One breath at a time” is Sabah’s go-to aphorism.  Beautiful mentors, research into different fields of academia, mind-set work like NLP, learning to change energetic dynamics, and healing childhood wounds have inspired Sabah to develop various self-mastery programmes.  As a practicing Energy Philanthropist she shares these programmes with those looking for personal development as her service to the collective.

She has an educational background in Psychology and Ancient History and a long-forgotten career as Marketing & Communication Strategist.  Currently, she’s a practising, ever-evolving, Yoga teacher/student. She facilitates conscious gatherings, womXn circles based upon love, connection, self-expression, exploration & embodying the divine feminine. Her mantra is: “The best part of life is being playful and having fun with it.”

Watch a sample of Sabah’s classes:

Sabah teaches:

Classical Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is not traditional yoga, but a deeply relaxing, ancient yogic mind-body therapy that releases stress & tension. During this class you will enter conscious relaxation, connecting with your body, healing, restoring & rejuvenating the nervous system.
All you need is a mat or your bed to lie down comfortably.
You may dim the lights, light a candle, use essential oils, cushions/pillows, a blanket, an eye mask.
Or nothing at all.
You can turn off your camera if you like, tune into my voice & drop within for a deep relaxation experience.


Yoga Nidra for Journeying into the Chakras
Chakra is a term that is now mainstream and like with anything mainstream it loses its efficacy. Your chakras are your body’s vital energy centers, and their health can impact your physical and mental wellbeing. Drawing on rich traditions and hundreds of years of knowledge, Chakra Meditations show you that practicing intention and purpose can transform your mind, body, and spirit.

With this meditation, you are actively participating with your body and mind, exploring its layers on a healing level and witnessing the effects of thoughts and feelings. It is a very personal practice that can leave you with a sense of contentment, peace, and heightened charges of energy. The idea is to tune into the chakras and harmonize them—by using the breath, the scared sound or mantras associated with the chakra, yantras(shapes), imagery, and colors in their respective locations along this inner totem pole which allows you to access this sacred channel of energy. In esoteric Tantric reality, everyone is one with the Divine. Over time and with practice as you access this sacred channel of energy you become aware that your body is a formless, vast, undulating center full of light and bliss. It can be a fairly dramatic experience.