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Rachel Wixey is a practitioner of mindfulness and meditation and works with youth and adults to establish beneficial practices to support mind and body wellness.

Through practices and techniques that are practical and accessible for everyone, Rachel experienced, firsthand, how her own meditation practice transformed every area of her life, and she is passionate about teaching mediation and mindfulness to those who seek another way of managing day to day stress and life.

Rachel has been meditating for over 10 years and is formally trained in many modalities, including the Mindful Schools Curriculum to teach Mindfulness to students in K-12, she is a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator through Mindful Leader and is a trained Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) through PESI, bringing trauma-informed sensitivity to her work.  Rachel is a Member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA), and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in Writing, from the University of Toledo.

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Rachel teaches:

Choosing Love Over Fear
What does it feel like in my body when I turn towards love? What does it feel like in my body when I turn towards fear?
This class focuses on recognizing times and places when we choose anger or fear and learning the path back to love.