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Relationships are the basis of all our interactions and we need better ways of getting the most relevant, accessible, and understandable relationship information. My own dogged curiosity and interest in how people work, drives me to find what is the most useful and effective for you as a couple, a business owner, or a therapist.

Through open and honest communication, I challenge people to acknowledge each other’s intrinsic wholeness and worth to cultivate strong, genuine connections. The work won’t always be easy but I trust you’ll come to the other side with the skills to build and maintain the relationships you desire in all areas of your life

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Couple’s Meditation for Intimate Connection

With the subconscious techniques of meditation, you will fall more in love or reconnect with the spark that drew you first together. Learn techniques that will reawaken your connection with your partner in spirit, mind, and body. Join me for these sessions to up-level your intimate connection with the one you love.