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Leslie Irish Evans finds that her meditation practice allows her to manage stressful situations with greater ease and has increased her compassion for others. A multi-passionate and lifelong learner, Leslie has trained in multiple healing arts including massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy. Her book Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling: Reclaiming Your Life from Your Kids was an Amazon bestseller, and her radio program “Get Touched” featured conversations with thought leaders in the wellness and self-help industries. Leslie is an ordained minister, and she received her certification to teach shamatha-vipashyana meditation through Susan Piver’s Open Heart Project. Leslie’s current passion is exploring the meditative powers of home baking. You can follow her at

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Leslie teaches:

Calm Abiding
Shamatha (“calm abiding”) meditation uses breath awareness to stabilize the mind and increase equanimity.
Instruction will be provided in the first portion of the class, followed by silent meditation, then time for questions.