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Founder and CEO

Katie Swartz brings experience and training in the areas of executive leadership, psychology, meditation and the neurobiology of relationships. In 2007, after 17 years immersed in a corporate career, Katie began a private counseling and consulting practice. Her corporate leadership experience was vital in her work with executive clients and their families.

Meditative techniques and meditation have been an integral part of her work with clients as well as her own personal journey for over 20 years. Relationship counseling, both with individuals and teams, has been a cornerstone for her practice, research, and training. With this focus, she has developed an intuitive ability to see patterns and reshape relationships into healthy dynamics, both with individuals and teams.

Creating Be Corporate Offerings and Be Virtual Meditation Studio is a direct response to the challenges surfacing over and over in the lives of the people she served.

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Authentic You 

Each of us has a powerful and calm resource within, our Authentic Self.  Life, relationships and work, at times, distance us from this powerful part of ourselves.

In this meditation, we take time to calm the mind and body enabling a direct connection to this powerful resource. Here we find calm, empowerment, and perhaps information to move us forward on our path.