Meet Our Team

Jacquie Metzger headshot


Jacquie Metzger is an international sound and master energy healer who works with people that are seeking deep healing and spiritual growth.  She uses a variety of healing instruments, her voice, and more than ten varieties of energy healing modalities to create custom private and group sessions. Her intuitive abilities allow her to help clients connect and communicate with their guides, angels, and ancestors. Self-empowerment is a passion of hers and loves teaching others to heal themselves as well. If you are seeking healing and guidance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, Jacquie can be your guide to helping you discover what you are seeking.

She has always been intuitive, sensitive to energy, and her spiritual abilities active. Her spiritual practice deepened tremendously after she was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma. Recovering from cancer opened her mind even more to different possibilities. Health, nutrition and stress management became a focus as she learned to help others on their journeys to health. Later, Jacquie became inexplicably ill with a vast variety of symptoms, later to find out she had Lyme disease. In desperation she asked the universe for help. That’s when she discovered energy healing and went even deeper into her meditation practice. She went from chronic pain throughout her entire body, brain fog, depression, vertigo, anxiety and more to virtually symptom free within six months.

Jacquie has a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Education degrees, has taught all ages around the world and loves sharing what she learns. She believes the wisdom of the universe lies in each of us, and we only need help in remembering what’s been forgotten. Jacquie can help you remember to heal yourself and connect deeper with the divine in whatever way that looks like for you.

She has a private studio in Smyrna, DE and works with people in person and online. Energy has no limits and she’s had the pleasure of working with people, animals, and places from around the world. She also offers a variety of events and classes in addition to offering one on one sessions. She’d love to create a custom experience for you.​