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Brett is a modern mystic and mindfulness coach who created The Language of Mindfulness (, soon to be a book, training, and TEDx talk (2021).  He studied Hakomi, mindfulness-based somatic psychology with founder Ron Kurtz and is authorized to teach Loving Presence workshops also created by Ron. He originally learned a form of meditation that blended Christian mysticism and kriya yoga in the Yogananda lineage and established the Quest Institute meditation center in Dallas.

Now he practices a unique blend of mindfulness meditation with a focus on deep immersion in the present moment when meditating or engaged with others. Considered by many to be a gifted intuitive, he runs the monthly Meetup group Intuitive Jam in the Seattle area. In addition, he trained as a facilitator in Matrix Leadership group dynamics with founder Amina Knowlan, studied ecstatic dance with Gabriel Roth, and contact improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith.

Brett is also a recognized technologist having two published books by Microsoft Press. He has taught server security to many of the fortune 500 and worked as a technical storyteller and international speaker for Microsoft and others. Microsoft named him as a “Most Valuable Professional” for 9 years.

Watch a sample of Brett’s classes:

Brett teaches:

Oneness Meditation
Immerse yourself into the realm of being, where you can have a direct experience of oneness that goes beyond judgment and mind. This meditation is deep dive into the present moment, the experience of being. We will use the focus of breath and body sensing to land in the present moment experience, and then go deeper inside as we release thoughts and concerns that take us out of the moment.

Exploring Intuition 
Amplify and refine your intuitive capacity, safely, and avoid common issues such as mistaking projection for intuition. In this class you will learn the power of body sensing to enhance intuitive insights, explore how easily we can project our preconceptions onto others and mistake those projections for intuition, and learn the qualities of intuition that are hallmarks of an insight you can trust.

Intro to Mindfulness 
Curious or frustrated with mindfulness practice? Bring your questions and problems to this class as we’ll spend ½ the class “troubleshooting” people’s experience and answering questions, or giving a teaching point – and the rest in a mindful practice. Practices will include mindful meditation, movement, sound, body sensing, and others as suitable for those in attendance. Specifically intended to help you bring more presence to you moment-to-moment experiences throughout the day with easy-to-adopt, high-impact practices.