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Brandi Olden (She/Her) identifies as cis, white and female. Her work embodies that of a trauma-informed meditation teacher, an anti-diet registered dietitian, and reiki master. She has spent the greater part of the past 20 years bearing witness to individuals and families on their journey towards body liberation and attuned eating while fighting for anti-oppressive healthcare in a private practice setting.

She strives to approach life through a social justice lens while also acknowledging that the journey is filled with blind spots and implicit bias to which she responds to with vulnerability and willingness to learn from her mistakes.

Brandi holds credentials as a Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian and Supervisor and Certified Board Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition.

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Brandi teaches:

Be Abundance
Guided meditation for manifesting abundance, gratitude and personal success.