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Barbara Badolati has been a key player in the evolution of wellness since 1986. Her dedication to this field has included creating corporate wellness cultures, opening several yoga studios, providing health and life coaching for individuals, and leading worldwide retreats. The foundation of her work is to empower the individual toward greater health and well-being through lifestyle, mindset, movement and meditation.

Watch a sample of Barbara’s classes:

Barbara teaches:

Mid Day Refresh 

Light stretching and mindfulness practice using breath and visualization gives you a pause and energy to sustain your day.

Savoring Sundays

Positively focus on what you want, while reducing negative thoughts and feelings.
The more we practice savoring life, the more likely we seek good, and the easier and more natural positivity becomes.
In this class, we will:
– experience calm and groundedness
– open the heart / love center
– elevate our mood
– increase our mindfulness in the moment
– strengthen our relationships
– set ourselves up for a successful week