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Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Anne-Marie Emanuelli believes mindfulness is a holistic practice beneficial to human consciousness & personal growth. Her philosophy of wholehearted living includes the tenets that our greatest teacher is Mother Nature, and humans never stop learning. Her imaginative and creative style are incorporated into everything she does, including her meditation classes.

With a personal practice spanning over 20 years, Anne-Marie has been teaching mindfulness since 2016. Her credentials come from Mindful Schools and the 200-hour meditation leader program with Sage Institute for Creativity and Consciousness as well as an 8-week course in MBSR.

She is Creative Director at Mindful Frontiers, an education center whose vision is to welcome a mindful future; one child, family, individual, educator, and community; one present moment at a time.

A semi-retired classroom teacher, Anne-Marie holds a B.F.A and M.S. in Communication (Graphic) Design and lives in Taos, NM with her husband Bruce Gomez, daughter Marielle and cat Princess Grace