Meet Our Team


Hey you, I’m Adri… meditation teacher, anthropologist, spiritual coach, holistic psychologist, and yoga instructor. I have been practicing mindfulness, neuroscience and chakra work for more than ten years, preparing for the day when I get to meet you! Collecting tools for wellness and empowerment is my hobby. You see, my curiosity and thirst for knowledge knows no limits, and what I love most is to find what really helps heal and channel personal power and share this with anyone who is interested in personal growth.

You could say I’m a yogi… and no, I don´t levitate nor am I a contortionist, I´m just someone passionate about the beauty of living and evolving, and doing this alongside others who are on the same path.

So, here I am, at your service!

Watch a sample of Adri’s classes:

Adri teaches:

Chakra Balancing Meditation
Breathe and balance each chakra, individually, then focus on each energy center, and connect each chakra with the rest, for a balancing experience.