At Be. Meditation, we’re starting a movement

We’re changing how people connect with themselves and with each other, and we’re helping visionary leaders and organizations remake the world.


All through the power of meditation.



Transformation with Purpose

Founded on the belief that meditation practice creates the opportunity for new and innovative solutions, BE Meditation is dedicated to bringing traditional practices into modern corporate culture.


BE Meditation takes the benefits of individual meditation practice into the corporate community, cultivating better ways of relating to one another and making the world a better place.


We believe it’s time to learn new ways of seeing ourselves and each other, to forge new pathways for creativity, and to lead with empathy.

These are the pillars of creative, compassionate leadership in a global community, and we help organizations embrace them in order to promote workplaces that are more natural, more connected, and more effective:

Empowered leaders     

Inspired teams   

Better work environments


Join the Movement with Be. Meditation

Our approach is based on 3 simple concepts to help your organization evolve:

Be. + Belong + Become

Shift Your Organization into a New Paradigm.

We take the benefits of meditation--calmness, a clearer thinking mind, and a more grounded present moment approach--and apply them to organizational leadership.


Working with organization leaders, we show them how to be with their team and employees in a new way--neutral, non judgemental, and legitimizing--which opens the door to a new, much-needed solution that will never happen in a chaotic, competitive environment.


Though our programs are customized to fit the needs of each organization, our process is based on three simple concepts: Be + Belong + Become.


As individual concepts, they are powerful. As a process, they represent an evolution that every organization can access to create stress-free work environments, promote creativity and innovation, and be more effective.


Level one of our three part training provides basic meditation instruction along with an overview of the compelling science in support of meditation, leadership, creativity, resiliency and change. This workshop is designed to be flexible. We can present in a 2 hour program, or support your team over two days to develop a deeper experience of meditation and the many ways they can bring meditation into their daily lives and daily decisions as leaders. Well-being, creating a “pause” before reaction and motivation are themes throughout, as we help employees connect to themselves, the present moment and to the people they serve as leaders.


Level two takes individuals in your organization deeper into self-awareness. We first establish what it looks and feels like when they are in their individual LANE. Here, they are confident, resilient, creative and open to change. We then explore what it feels like to be knocked out of their lane. We get clear about how it happens and how to get back. Utilizing meditation and mindfulness practice, we work to recognize and effortlessly navigate all of these spaces with ease. We take this new skill and overlay it into social dynamics. This is where the sense of belonging takes shape in a deep and meaningful way.. A heightened sense of belonging improves group dynamics via the greater acceptance of people’s ideas and the unique value they bring.


Level three is all about maturing your workforce. In this final stage, we facilitate leadership in defining a vision for your work force; we then explore that vision through various lenses. Personal Vision (how does my personal vision align with that of my organization), Personal Energy (how do I fuel myself, my work and my team to align with the vision), and Personal Power (how do I interact with my team allowing for my own power and theirs) Participants will define what values will get them to the next level of a new corporate culture, and using the tools shared in levels 1 and 2, they’ll learn how to enact, enliven, and live this new vision. Using this new skill set and capacity, your organization will become more innovative and have the ability and capacity to solve problems better, faster.

Program outcomes include…

Better inclusion and utilization of team members.

More effective and connected leadership.

A solutions-focused environment.

Increased employee satisfaction.

Enhanced creative thinking at all levels.

Increased alignment between teams and leadership.

Improved ability to conceptualize and meet long-term goals.

“Self-awareness is a prerequisite for awareness of others…. The more you can see and feel what's going on in you, with some wisdom and equanimity, the more you can see and feel others with accuracy and sympathy.” – Norman Fischer | Everyday Zen Foundation



Founder | Be Meditation

Founder and CEO, Katie Swartz brings experience and training in the areas of executive leadership, psychology, meditation and the neurobiology of relationship. In 2007, after 17 years immersed in a corporate career, Katie began a private counseling and consulting practice. Her corporate leadership experience was vital in her work with executive clients and their families.

Meditative techniques and meditation have been an integral part of her work with clients as well as her own personal journey for over 20 years. Relationship counseling, both with individuals and teams, has been a cornerstone for her practice, research, and training. With this focus, she has developed an intuitive ability to see patterns and reshape relationships into healthy dynamics, both with individuals and teams.

Creating Be Corporate Offerings and Be Studio is a direct response to the challenges surfacing over and over in the lives of the people she served.


Director of Operations

Catalina Danila is passionate about community, creating a sense of belonging and the natural environment. She is Director of Operations at BE Meditation and is excited to bring the peace, inner strength and resiliency that comes with meditation to individuals and corporations. Catalina lives in an intentional community, and is also a practicing life coach, hypnotherapist and meditation teacher, who compels clients to live the lives they want to experience. Catalina worked in finance/IT Corporate Training Development before starting the path of meditation, and has studied at the UW, Naropa University and Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.


Meditation and Corporate Program Facilitator

With a degree in mathematics, and a life journey centered in the heart, Jenifer has developed algorithms for identifying and breaking out of hidden patterns. She has been a transformational consultant for over 15 years, and she empowers clients with experiential learning, for a more peaceful and creative life experience.  Jenifer communicates her strong belief in the resilience of the human spirit, and the power we each have to create change.


Meditation and Corporate Program Facilitator

Nadia Ahrens is a graduate of Columbia University, she's been leading workshops, online groups, retreats and practicing the art of healing, teaching, and mentoring for twenty years. She is a retired psychotherapist, transformational life coach, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, and empath expert. 


Meditation and Corporate Program Facilitator

Justin Elzie, meditation teacher, speaker and coach, brings mindfulness and a variety of meditative practices to each client’s experience.  Justin worked in IT Training Development in NYC for 20 years, before pursuing mindfulness and meditation training that embodies Buddhist, Hinduism, and other traditions, to help clients engage and transform stress and anxiety in the workplace and in their personal lives.


Meditation Teacher and Trainer

Rev. Seifu is the Executive Director of SDI and an ordained Zen Buddhist priest. Rev. Seifu is an accomplished speaker and university lecturer and is a key contributor for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.  In a previous life, he was also an executive at Microsoft, where he successfully grew international groups and divisions and provided leadership to multi-cultural teams around the world.

A healthy, vibrant community comes when we connect.

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