Explore the Power of the Collective Pause

At BE Meditation, we’re starting a movement

We’re changing how people connect with themselves and with each other, and we’re helping visionary leaders and organizations remake the world.

All through the power of meditation.

Transformation with Purpose

Founded on the belief that meditation practice creates the opportunity for new and innovative solutions, BE Meditation is dedicated to bringing traditional practices into modern corporate culture. BE Meditation takes the benefits of individual meditation practice into the corporate community, cultivating better ways of relating to one another and making the world a better place.

We believe it’s time to learn new ways of seeing ourselves and each other, to forge new pathways for creativity, and to lead with empathy. These are the pillars of creative, compassionate leadership in a global community, and we help organizations embrace them in order to promote workplaces that are more natural, more connected, and more effective.

Empowered leaders     ~ Inspired teams   ~ Better work environments

Join the Movement with BE Meditation

“Self-awareness is a prerequisite for awareness of others…. The more you can see and feel what's going on in you, with some wisdom and equanimity, the more you can see and feel others with accuracy and sympathy.” – Norman Fischer | Everyday Zen Foundation


Our approach is based on 3 simple concepts to help your organization evolve:

Be + Belong + Become

Through group meditations, facilitated training, and one-on-one coaching, we help your organization manage the demands of our fast-paced world in a way that promotes effectiveness and innovation, increases workplace satisfaction, and benefits society as a whole.


How do you “show up” for yourself and others?

In the first stage of our practice, we help individuals find a space within that allows them to increase self-awareness, lower their reactivity, and increase their capacity for discernment and creative problem solving.

Does your team need to destress? Be's 6-week meditation program is the perfect fit.


Does each member of your team feel valued, accepted, and confident?

A group that has a high sense of belonging functions better. In the second stage of the BE Meditation evolution, we lessen friction, create greater acceptance of individuals’ unique ideas and value, and promote a sense of fearlessness when it comes to bringing innovative ideas to life.


What if there were no limits to how much your organization could achieve?

When we Become, we function as a positive force for the good of society—fueled by innovative, high-performing teams that have the ability and capacity to solve problems better, faster. In this final stage, we accelerate the achievement of your organization’s goals in a way that does less harm, promotes peace, and increases connectedness to the world.

Cultivate a Culture of Compassion


Founder | BE Meditation

“We help leaders learn to be with their team and their employees in a new way—neutral, non-judging, and legitimizing. We help them open doors for much-needed solutions within chaotic, competitive environments.”

Katie created BE Meditation to take the known benefits of meditation and apply them to organizational leadership. Offering a powerful way to access greater health, well-being, and effectiveness in a corporate environment, Katie also sees corporate meditative practice as a bridge connecting the outer and inner world—empowering individuals and organizations to make a positive impact in the world.


Partner | BE Meditation

Anil Singh-Molares is the Executive Director of Spiritual Directors International (SDI), a Motivational Speaker, a Zen Priest and Spiritual Director/Companion. Anil knows how to transform big ideas into practical realities,  whether leading Microsoft's International Strategic Partner Program as Sr Director for twelve years, starting three non-profits, organizing major international conferences, co-founding a management consulting and international services firm, or advising individuals and groups how to implement meaningful and lasting changes, A social entrepreneur and thought leader, Anil looks to combine the best practices from the world of business with a commitment to practical compassionate action.


Partner | BE Meditation

Jim Russell, CPA oversees the finances for Be Meditation. Jim’s professional, family and community values are about helping others succeed with their life ambitions. Jim grew up in Seattle, graduated from the University of Washington and served in the US Navy specializing in aviation electronics. Jim founded his CPA firm, James Russell P LLC in 1988 building collaborative relationships with small business owners helping them develop their financial opportunities. In 2018 the CPA business was sold to the executive management team. Jim has done fundraising for United Way and served on the Board for Child Strive, a local non-profit providing early childhood intervention services. Presently, Jim is the head swim coach for a Special Olympics Swim Team and Treasurer for the Arc of Washington State Trust Fund. Wife Kasey and Jim continue to proudly engage with our two children in their life adventures. Lastly, all of us are important and have something uniquely valuable to offer our communities

A healthy, vibrant community comes when we connect.

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