Our Vision is a Better World

…Our Method is Meditation

At BE Meditation, we believe in healthier minds and healthier communities—for everybody. 

We are committed to finding inspiring, beautiful spaces and places for you to continue your practice in community.

Coming Soon

Currently popping up in Bellevue

1715 114th Ave SE
Suite 202
Bellevue WA 98004


Pop-up meditation events are a powerful way to build and honor our communities. Start and end your day with a meditation class that grounds you in the present while connecting you to something greater — all held in beautiful, inspiring spaces throughout the city.

We offer two regular pop-up meditations to start your day and end your day, as well as special events like Meditation Pop-Up in the Park!


We’re always ready to pop in, whether it’s bringing a meditation workshop into your co-working space or partnering with you for a one-time wellness event or mindfulness retreat. We’ll create an inspiring meditative retreat in your space — complete with world-class meditation teachers and comfortable meditation cushions. We bring everything right to you. 

We look forward to helping you harness the trans-formative power of meditation in whatever venue supports your vision.


As civic-minded advocates for meditation’s many benefits, we’re happy to explore unique partnerships with non-profit organizations, school districts, and other community-oriented groups. We want to help you create events and programs that serve the well-being of our neighbors and our world.

And stay tuned for…

The BE Meditation Studio

For people seeking a better relationship with themselves and others through meditative practice.

Bellevue Rendering #3
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At BE Studio, we look forward to offering:

A meditative practice that respects past tradition but isn’t constrained by it

A place to reconnect with self and community

A space for building relationships that ignite a sense of caring and love for ourselves and the world

Get Ready to Cultivate Your Calm

We’ll share more details soon!

Explore the Power of the Collective Pause

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