How Be Drives Culture Change

The Reality

83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress.

80% of U.S. workers in 2019 reported stress as a result of ineffective company communication.

US businesses lose up to $300 billion each year as a result of workplace stress.

63% of U.S. workers are ready to quit their jobs due to stress.

Developed over millennia, traditional meditative practices are incredibly valuable and scientifically proven to improve individual and collective performance.

Meditation enables an individual to...

Quiet the mind:

The practice of meditation expands the prefrontal cortex and shrinks the amygdala--helping individuals feel less anxious and more focused and productive.

Be more creative:

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Research on creativity suggests that we come up with our greatest insights and biggest breakthroughs when we are in a more meditative and relaxed state of mind.”

Increase the capacity for problem solving:

Our modern work culture makes us increasingly susceptible to technology overload, interfering with our ability to focus and solve problems. Various studies have found that a regular meditation practice enhances neural pathways in the brain responsible for concentration and attention.

Experience greater physical health and vitality:

A Stanford University School of Medicine study found that meditation can lead to a 30% decrease in stress-related symptoms, such as high blood pressure, minimizing the chance of serious illness in the long term.

Have healthier relationships:

Meditation helps practitioners reconnect with themselves and their community. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Brain-imaging research suggests that meditation can help strengthen your ability to regulate your emotions,” leading to less emotional reactivity and, therefore, better relationships.

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Meditation enables a company to cultivate...

Strong and effective leadership:

According to the Harvard Business Review, the most important competencies of leaders are strong ethics, a sense of safety, empowering others to self-organize, fostering connection and belonging, and nurturing growth. Meditation has been proven to cultivate all of these competencies.

A collaborative, solutions-oriented environment:

 Meditation encourages more effective and connected leadership, as well as increased inclusion and utilization of team members.

An increase employee satisfaction:

 Happier, more centered and focused employees lead to increased productivity and commitment. The LA Times found that when one company began incorporating daily meditations at work, absenteeism fell by 85% and productivity rose by 120%.

A culture of compassion:

Meditative practices increase empathy and encourage open-mindedness. For example, researchers at Central Michigan University found that meditation can decrease race and age bias.

Share the Mission

Over 20 million Americans have turned to meditation to combat rising stress levels, and employers are increasingly offering mindfulness training as part of their corporate wellness programs. But, a recent study found that most corporate wellness programs target the individual and overlook a vital factor in employees’ health, well-being, and productivity: workplace culture

We’re different.

Following the science, BE Meditation knows that shared, meditative practice can open up new possibilities for leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve more—and be happier. 

  • Learn new ways of seeing ourselves
  • Lead with creativity, connection, compassion
  • Cultivate new ways of relating to one another
  • Foster work environments that are more natural, more connected, and more effective

And because our programs address holistic well-being, the benefits extend into every facet of our lives.

 With openness and curiosity, we pave the way for change.

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